Accepting an Offer

At A House to Home Realty, we’re dedicated to guiding you through every step of the selling process, ensuring a successful and stress-free experience.

Receive the Offer

  • Your dedicated A House to Home agent will present you with the buyer’s offer.
    • Expect a detailed breakdown of the offer terms, including price, contingencies, and proposed closing date.

Review and Evaluate

  • Take the time to carefully review all aspects of the offer.
    • Consult with your House to Home agent to discuss the implications and potential negotiations.

Consider Price and Terms

  • Evaluate the offered purchase price in relation to your property’s market value.
    • Assess additional terms such as contingencies, financing conditions, and proposed closing timelines.

Negotiate if Necessary

  • Collaborate with your House to Home agent to negotiate terms that align with your goals.
    • Ensure clear communication to reach a mutually beneficial agreement.

Acceptance or Counteroffer

  • Once satisfied with the terms, you can accept the offer.
    • Alternatively, if negotiations are needed, your House to Home agent will guide you through the counteroffer process.

Finalize the Agreement

  • Upon acceptance or a successful counteroffer, your House to Home agent will prepare the necessary documentation.
    • Sign the purchase agreement, solidifying the terms of the deal.

Open Escrow

  • Your House to Home agent will work with the chosen escrow company to initiate the escrow process.
    • Provide any required documents promptly to facilitate a smooth transaction.

Cooperate with Buyer’s Inspections

  • Allow access to your property for inspections as specified in the agreement.
    • Address any concerns raised by the buyer during this period.

Clear Contingencies

  • Work with your House to Home agent to ensure that all contingencies are met within the specified timeframe.
    • Communicate any necessary information to the buyer to facilitate a seamless process.

Prepare for Closing

  • Collaborate closely with your House to Home agent and the escrow company as the closing date approaches.
    • Be prepared to sign necessary documents and fulfill any remaining requirements.

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